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I followed the other questions on StackOverflow and made custom User Templates. Instead of replacing the factory default Cocoa class template, I have to pick a new user template.

The order that is shown in XCode's New File dialog box is:

  1. iPhone templates first (great if you mostly do iphone development)
  2. Second the User templates
  3. Third the default Mac OS templates.

I want my user stuff first, Mac OS templates second, and I want to bury iPhone templates in third and last place. The sort is obviously not alphabetical. And you can't drag/drop reorder. (At least not in xcode 3.1.3)?

From stackoverflow
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OI. I guess the answer is no. –  Warren P Apr 14 '10 at 18:38

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No you can not move them around, unless you work for Apple and have the source code to XCode.

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