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I'm making a simple extra java app launcher for Eclipse 3.2 (JBuilder 2007-8) for internal use.

So I looked up all the documentations related, including this one The Launching Framework from eclipse.org and have managed to make everything else working with the exception of the launch shortcut.

alt text

This is the part of my plugin.xml.

        label="Java Application Ext."
        modes="run, debug">

The configuration name in the category section is correct and the class in the class section, i believe, is correctly implemented. (basically copied from org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui.launchConfigurations.JavaApplicationLaunchShortcut)

I'm really not sure if I'm supposed to write a follow-up here but let me clarify my question more. I've extended org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui.launchConfigurations.JavaLaunchShortcut. Plus, I've added my own logger to constructors and methods, but the class seems like it's never even instantiating.

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I had to add contextualLaunch under org.eclipse.debug.ui.launchShortcuts.

The old way seems like it's deprecated a long ago.

For other people who are working on the same subject, you might want to extend org.eclipse.ui.commands and bindings, too.

I cannot choose this answer but this is the answer that I (the questioner) was looking for.

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Hi, is there a chance you can post the plugin.xml text of the contextual launcher that you used. I appear to be having the exact same problem. – Chris May 15 '12 at 17:35
Hi @Chris sorry this question was posted years ago and I don't have the code with me anymore :( – wbkang May 22 '12 at 3:53

You class should implement ILaunchShortcut. Check out the Javadoc.

What exception are you getting? Check the error log.

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