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i am trying to use php-openid library for implementing openID in my site. the basic consumer example inside its package doesn't work for Google and Yahoo. i found the Google solution here: but it doesn't still work for Yahoo! . how can i made it works?

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no answer?? help is really needed. – hd. Apr 12 '10 at 4:39
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wow it is solved now !!!!!

i traced the functions and found the problem.and that is.... in "try_auth.php" file i used

"$attribute[] = Auth_OpenID_AX_AttrInfo::make('',2,1, 'email');" 

for getting the user email from provider. it works fine in Google because Google ignore '2' (count of requested email address) but in Yahoo! it generate [] => 2 for it (in getSignedNS function) and in Yahoo response there is no entry for it causes to return null in getSignedNS for Yahoo. i changed

"$attribute[] = Auth_OpenID_AX_AttrInfo::make('',2,1, 'email');"


"$attribute[] = Auth_OpenID_AX_AttrInfo::make('',1,1, 'email');" 

and it works fine now and return whatever i requested from both provider !!!


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