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can i use bing map platform with an external mapping source ? for example, i want to use bing map siverlight client with my own map files instead of the provided maps. (some areas coverage is insufficiant with bings provided mapping) Thanks.

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Another useful tool you may want to utilize if you don't have ArcGIS Server is MapCruncher, which will take a raster image, allow you to georeference it and produce Virtual Earth compatible tiles.

If you need to display vector data, you can either convert it to a format like KML or use a product called SharpMap to render tiled images.

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I am assuming that since this was tagged ESRI, that you want a method to use ESRI products for your data sources... There are a lot of ways you can create your own tiles and use them in Bing Maps. If you have ESRI ArcGIS Server, you can use the ESRI JS API to add your own services to Bing Maps.

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you can rewrite TileSource class and override GetUri method

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