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I'm writing an iPhone application and trying to determine how to find a business name/address from a user's current GPS location (longitude/latitude). For example, if someone if using the application from inside a Starbucks, how can I find this out from their location? Is there a way to do this using mapkit or any API/Webservice?

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You can do this with MKReverseGeocoder by providing a MKReverseGeocoderDelegate. It's actually quite simple.

The delegate will give you all sorts of information as an MKPlacemark.

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You can get an address (MKReverseGeocoder), but you can't get a business name using the iPhone native SDK. I believe that both Google and Bing provide APIs for this, but one that I like to use (and it may have the most momentum) is Foursquare's.

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