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I tried to use the jquery plugin "uploadify" to upload multiple files to My App in Google App-Engine, and then save them with blobstore, but it failed. I traced the code into get_uploads, it seems field.type_options is empty, and of course does not have 'blob-key'. Where does the key 'blob-key' come from?

the code like this:

def upload(request):
   for blob in blogstorehelper.get_uploads(request, 'Filedata'):
       file = File()
       file.blobref = blob
   return ……

but, blogstorehelper.get_uploads(request, 'Filedata') is always empty. In fact, the request has contained the uploaded file(I print the request). I debugged into the blogstorehelper.get_uploads, and found that field.type_options is empty. who can tell me why? thank you! here is the source about get_uploads:

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a code sample would help people answer your question. – msw Apr 11 '10 at 11:35
there is still not enough context to even know what the issue is. The example posted by Sebastián S. is quite complete, have you made sure you understand all that his code is doing?… – msw Apr 11 '10 at 14:02

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