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JsUnit provides an ant-script with the target 'standalone_test'. This target uses the property url to identify the HTML-site, that executes the tests. These site is checked in, so that everyone should be able after a checkout to execute this tests. This works, but the url-proprty must be set to an absolute path, like file:///home/user/projects/my-project/path/in/project/jsunit/testRunner.html. That avoids an automatic start, everyone have too specify a command with the path constructed on his box. Is it possible to pass a relative path/url instead, so that the execution of these tests can be automated? This would be helpful to setup these test in our continuous-integration-system.

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You could construct the url property value using the built-in Ant basedir property.

For example, if your build script is located in and run from your /home/user/projects/my-projects directory you could set your url property as:

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Clever idea. Not exactly what I was thinking about, but that should be working. –  Mnementh Nov 12 '08 at 15:38

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