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how can I completely remove button effects from a Button component in Flex ?

Background, Fill and border are completely white. But still I've a black shadow around the button (see picture bloew):



Button {

    fillAlphas: 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0;
    fillColors: #FFFFFF, #FFFFFF;
    themeColor: #FFFFFF;
    borderColor: #FFFFFF;
    cornerRadius: 0;
    paddingTop: 0;
    paddingLeft: 0;
    paddingRight: 0;
    paddingBottom: 0;
    horizontalGap: 0;
    leading: 0;
    fontWeight: normal;
    color: #000000;
    textSelectedColor: #000000;
    textRollOverColor: #000000;
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You should specify the Flex version, since the newly release Flex 4 has a completely different skinning architecture.

Anyhow, I assume this is Flex 3, you could try and set this:

Button {
    skin: ClassReference(null);

Not sure it'll work, some components choke on null skins.

If it is Flex 4, I suggest creating a skin class that does what you want, even if it is empty, and setting it like so (note the namespace, s for Spark):

s|Button {
    skin-class: ClassReference('my.empty.Skin');

Where my.empty.Skin is the fully qualified class name for your skin.

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awesome, it worked. Do you know how could I remove the borders of the slider component as well ? Or change its thickness ? thanks –  Patrick Apr 11 '10 at 14:15
No, I'm not sure unfortunately. Perhaps the Flex 3 Style Explorer can be useful to you: examples.adobe.com/flex3/consulting/styleexplorer/… Generally, skinning the Halo component set (a.k.a. Flex 3 components) is a pain and is probably best avoided. Now that Flex 4 is released, I suggest having a look at the Spark component set instead, if possible. –  macke Apr 11 '10 at 14:26

skin: ClassReference(null) will not work; use the below its wokrs

upSkin: ClassReference(null);
overSkin: ClassReference(null);
downSkin: ClassReference(null);
disabledSkin: ClassReference(null);
selectedOverSkin: ClassReference(null);
selectedDownSkin: ClassReference(null);
selectedDisabledSkin: ClassReference(null); 
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