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I want to create toolbar, whose functionality would be:

Whenever the toolbar is "On/Activated", all pages should be parsed by a function, and the modified html should be displayed.

[Example: i) There was this skype toolbar that would recognize phone-numbers in pages and automatically add skype links ii) If you have used MacAfee / Alexa toolbars, they modify the search results page displayed by Google

My functionality would a lot simpler though]

  • I want to create this for all browsers (though answers/pointers to any one platform would be appreciated).

  • Please note that I am new to toolbar development, so detailed pointers from basics would be very helpful.

  • I have heard to GreaseMonkey. However, if I can do it in a more "basic" way, it would be very helpful. (Alternately, tips to make a "custom" toolbar using GreaseMonkey would be welcome - though I would like to do away with ability to add scripts, etc. Also I installed greasemonkey and it does show up as a toolbar in FF/IE at all! In IE, there is separate executable to add scripts - I want a standalone toolbar with ON/OFF facility in the browser).

Thanks much! Regards, JP

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For Google Chrome you can create an Extension that uses a content script to inspect and modify the page. Extension can be developed in HTML and Javascript so they are very easy to create. Chrome also supports Grease Monkey scripts.

In firefox, Grease monkey scripts are the way to go.

In Internet Explorer, I believe there is a plugin you can install to have support for Grease Monkey scripts, although the liklihood of an IE user having it installed is very low.

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