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I'm trying to set the post_date of a blog post to Wordpress via XMLRPC.

I'm sending the data as a string:

$pubdate = '2010-04-08 13:46:43';


It appears 'post_date' is correct?

I also found this post losely related to the issue:

Can anyone suggest how I would post the date as: dateTime.iso8601

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Have you tried this ?

$pubdate = date('c',strtotime('2010-04-08 13:46:43'));

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To post the date as a <dateTime.iso8601> element (assuming you're using the built-in XML-RPC client within WordPress, you want to cast your date as an IXR_Date object.

// Convert the time to an integer value for parsing.
$pubdate = strtotime( '2010-04-08 13:46:43' ); 

// Convert the date to the right kind of object.
$pubdate = new IXR_Date( $pubdate );

Now, when you pass your array of arguments to make the request, passing 'pub_date' => $pubdate will create the correct XML element.

See this other answer to a similar question for more information if you want a full, working example.

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