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Can anyone think of a way to simulate the fade/blur flash effect used in the following website: (image fades and blurs on hover, while text fades in simultaneously)

using JQuery? I am looking to have this whole chain of effects happen on load or when the DOM is ready (instead of on hover). And by blur, I mean a gaussian-type of blur - possibly using Pixastic (?)

I am really new at this, so please be gentle :)

Thank you.

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You should use animate() method of Jquery to achieve what you want.

Check out the link below...It has numerous examples:


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Since Jquery effects are just implementations of the animate() method, which uses CSS properties and then makes a smooth transition between them, there's no easy way to implement a Gaussian blur.

You could use Pixastic and then fade in some hidden text over the blurred image, why not.

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This library includes the ability to blur images:

As for animating the blur effect, as Raja said you can look at the animate() method of Jquery, or simply use the setTimeout function.

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