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While I trying to debug a 'C' program with gdb, I always get the following continuously on the gdb console.

[Thread 0xb7fe4b70 (LWP 30576) exited] [New Thread 0xb7fe4b70 (LWP 30577)] [Thread 0xb7fe4b70 (LWP 30577) exited] [New Thread 0xb7fe4b70 (LWP 30578)] [Thread 0xb7fe4b70 (LWP 30578) exited]

Is there any reason why this is printed? And anyway to block this?

note: the program makes use of timers. Is that a possible cause?

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set print thread-events off

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Thanks, for the quick answer. That did it. – sthustfo Apr 18 '10 at 3:15

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