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We are looking for a .NET PDF creator. It needs to be .NET, so we can just copy the file(s) onto the server, not having to install anything.

We only need to create a PDF with some text and images and a heading, that's all.

Anyone know a good one? We are happy to buy if there is a good one that is easy to use.

Thanks in advance.

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We've been using iTextSharp with some success, but I haven't worked with it directly.

We've used it with images and text, it's free to use, and doesn't seem to require anything beyond the iTextSharp dll. License is Affero GPL

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I tried iTextSharp because it seems to be the most popular, and it worked. I haven't had a chance to try the others, but thanks everyone for the suggestions. – Aximili Apr 14 '10 at 1:06

I have used iTextSharp and PDFSharp (http://pdfsharp.com/PDFsharp/index.php). PDFSharp handles images better.

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I've used FO.NET before and have been very happy with the degree of control I have over the PDF output. If the source data for your document is XML (or can easily be exported as XML), simply define an XSLT to transform the XML to XSL-FO and run it through FO.NET.

What's nice about this approach is the XSLT serves as the template for your PDF (instead of creating document elements in code).

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I've used iTextSharp to good effect, but its not trivial to write code to generate pdfs.

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Not sure if this is feasible for you, but we use Business Objects, and it exports to a number of formats. The SDK lets you run a report on the fly and save it as PDF without much trouble.

If you've got access to an enterprise reporting system, that's another way to go.

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PdfLib - http://www.pdflib.com/ - very fast - not free

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