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I am using a QStackedWidget on my mainWindow. The firstPageWidget on stackedWidget contains 3 buttons. Now If I will press the first button on firstPage, I want the stackedWidget show the 2nd Page widget. Following are the details

I tried to connect like this in my mainwindow


Now I want to know how to pass the value of index number to stackWidget to set currentIndex?

If my question is not much clear please tell me I will explain more.

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You probably need to use QSignalMapper class:

QSignalMapper mapper = new QSignalMapper(); // don't forget to set the proper parent
mapper->setMapping(firstPageWidget->button1, 2); // 2 can be replaced with any int value
connect(firstPageWidget->button1, SIGNAL(clicked()), mapper, SLOT(map()));
connect(mapper, SIGNAL(mapped(int)), stackWidget, SLOT(setCurrentIndex(int)));
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Instead of buttons you could use a QListWidget containing selectable Icons. QListWidget has a method called QListWidget::currentItemChanged ( QListWidgetItem * current, QListWidgetItem * previous ). I used that method in a program I wrote some time ago... There I wrote a function on_change_widget( QListWidgetItem *current, QListWidgetItem *previous ) which I connected to the SIGNAL currentItemChanged:

connect( my_list_widget,
         SIGNAL(currentItemChanged(QListWidgetItem *, QListWidgetItem *)),
         SLOT(on_change_widget(QListWidgetItem *, QListWidgetItem *))

That should do the trick.

You should have a look at the Config Dialog Example, there they use the same method to swap widgets.

Of course you can use normal buttons too, in connection with the QSignalMapper chalup mentioned.

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You can also use QButtonGroup and set proper id to each button, then connect QButtonGroup signal QButtonGroup::buttonClicked(int) with stacked widget slot QStackedWidget::setCurrentIndex(int)

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