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Is it possible to have support for enabling DataModelSelection on a list page paginated via EntityQuery? (All the examples load the list by performing a query on the @Factory method). But, I would like to re-use the existing pagination mechanism and just enable the ability to support DataModelSelection on it.

I am also assuming that DataModelSelection is capable of tracking a single row in a List, how do we extend this to support a certain action (say deletion, activation ...) of multiple rows.

I am a newbie and would appreciate any help on this topic. I have already gone through the samples shipped as part of Seam (booking, message).

I have already posted this in seam users forum, but I am yet to get a response

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I guess you would have solved this issue by now but these two code snippets might help a bit

html code (jsf file)

a method in the bean that handles the action from the jsf

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