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I'm having a problem with eclipse galileo on ubuntu 64-bit system. when ever i open it the splash scree turns gray but keeps loading and then when eclipse opens it shows the secure storage password request and hangs. I dont know what could be wrong, it used to work fine before, if you have or had the same problem please tell me what to do

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What did you change since it doesn't work anymore? Do you have the original Sun JDK installed? – Daff Apr 12 '10 at 9:50
yesterday i only installed the latest updates for ubuntu from the update manager. – Agent1891 Apr 12 '10 at 10:55
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Try clean $HOME$/.eclipse directory.

Its better to just rename at first.

See what happens

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I have had this happen on Galileo (3.5) and Helios (3.6).

If you delete .eclipse you will lose all software installed through the Help | Install New Software menu option.

It is enough to delete the file ~/.eclipse/

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This did the trick for me and was the quickest fix. I had already done the above relating to the java-alternatives and I still got this issue. – DH4 Mar 21 '11 at 17:32
This did the trick for me too.. Thanks! – Lorenzo Dematté Oct 5 '11 at 12:56

This happens to me whenever I shutdown eclipse with the history tab open.

While not the best solution, to solve it I start eclipse with sudo. I let it finish loading, then select a different tab than history. I Shutdown eclipse, then I recursively change the owner of the files in .metadata back to my main user.

In case you need the command: (in my case I run this from /home/wally/workspace)

 sudo chown -R wally:wally .metadata

As far as I can tell, there's some race condition going on.

(also, it's likely that you won't use exactly "wally:wally" but "your username:your group)

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Try this:


then run eclipse from command line from the same terminal window.

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I would suggest removing openjdk from synaptic and install sun java. Once you do that , use "sudo update-java-alternatives --set java-6-sun" to use sun-java as the default JRE.

Eclipse used to work really slow for me, and this method worked. Maybe it helps you too.

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