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Although in Oracle DB its is allowed to parametrize the number of rows that the query can fetch by adding to the query:

select ...
from ...
where ...
and rownum <= @MaximumRecords

I can't add similar condition to acuivalent query running in DB2: It is allowed to add:

select ... 
from ...
where ...
fetch first 500 rows only

(where there is fixed number of rows) but not:

select ... 
from ...   
where ...      
fetch first :1 rows only

(:1 == @MaximumRecords)

Is someone aware of a solution/work-around to this problem?

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To Be more accurate - the last queries are made for execution plan and not direct queries. – GyRo Apr 12 '10 at 12:03

I think I found the solution. I just ran this query with a tool that gave a 0 default value to @MaximnumRecords and apperently DB2 doesn't allow to perform:
"fetch first 0 rows only" in any case - that was the problem.

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