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I am pretty good on making web applications and I know how to transfer data to and from client/server, etc. I need some help though learning how to make the data exchanges more secure. That is the reason why I feel kind of scared to publish any web app I make. I wanted to know what are some good guides to help you understand and learn how to secure data transfer with your web application? Things like better authentication for example and making better logins.

You can post any suggestion, but just for your information, I mainly code my web apps with Javascript and PHP. Also, I transfer my data using JSON or XML.

Thanks a lot

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OWASP has a great selection of guides, example projects and test applications on the subject web application security.

My personal favourite is the backend security project, which I used to prove to my manager that our internal systems needed a lot of attention, and just because backend security wasn't a user-perceived benefit, didn't mean it could be ignored.

This project in particular gives some good advice for data validation, error handling, cryptography etc.

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+1 for introducing me to OWASP which I'd somehow managed to miss until now – Day Oct 28 '10 at 2:47

There is a great post here on many aspects of creating sites, including security. This is an extract from the top answer which may help.

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I think this book is a good starting point if you want to know more about security in general in a php-application. http://phpsecurity.org/

Optionally you could consider adding an IDS to your web application. I can recommend PHPIDS

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mod_secuity has all of the rule sets used in phpids and a whole lot more. – rook Apr 12 '10 at 18:31

Google's Doctype is a (very badly named) "open encyclopedia and reference library for developers of web applications" which has a good introductory section on Web Security that focuses on XSS. Given the generic title "Web Security", it could benefit from covering more issues, such as CSRF, but it's fairly comprehensive in it's coverage of XSS attack vectors. Did you know that IE can be tricked into executing JavaScript in what should be a user uploaded image?

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This might be a very interesting video for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL5o4PFuxTY

Don't go crazy on logins and passwords. Be professionally lazy - know what you are doing! JSON is great for data transfer, XML has to much overhead in my opinion.

Use JSON.parse never use eval.


Always use mysql_real_escape_string or mysqli_escape_string. Use htmlspecialchars before displaying user input or use strip_tags before saving user input. Never trust anything coming from the user/browser.

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