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i have a C++ application compiled with VS 2008 with pdb file enabled. After i tried to use dv command to display local vars, it shows the following message:

Unable to enumerate locals, HRESULT0x80004005
Private symbols (symbols.pri) are required for locals.
Type ".hh dbgerr005" for details.

Note that:

  • i've run the "dv" command on the correct frame which has the symbol file.
  • i can use "dt" command successfully.
  • i've included the symbol path and the pdb file has been loaded successfully as following:

start end module name
00400000 0043f000 helloworld (private pdb symbols) c:\test...

Does anyone know the cause? Is there any configuration i missed to enable local var watch? Or VS 2008 pdb is not supported by windbg (i'm using the latest windbg version)?

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Sorry. i found the windbg has been updated to 6.12 and mine is 6.6. And the issue disappeared after i installed the 6.12.

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