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i've a windows service that hosts a WCF service with basicHTTPBinding. In test everything goes right, when i deploy the win service on a Window Server 2003, service hosts correctly wcf, I print out endpoints in tracing, they're correct, but when i ask for wsdl using the address that service exposed (i.e. http://mybaseaddress/?wsdl) i get a dns error, i cannot get the page!

Where i fail? I miss something? If i host the wcf with a console app, using the same config file, i can get the wsdl without problems!

Thank you in advance Michele

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Sorry guys,it's monday! I've found the solution, was under my eyes!!

Here the post that save me!

This question can be closed!

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what was the solution ? the post you refer to is merely a question??? – Philo Apr 2 '13 at 23:11

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