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Hi There I need to get the names and values of checkboxes that have been checked into an array name selected, I cannot for life of me get it working, below is my attempt, if someone could clrify what I am doing wrong that would be brilliant.

//Location AJAX
    //var dataObject = new Object();
    var selected = new Array();
    $('#areas input.radio').change(function(){ // will trigger when the checked status changes
        var checked = $(this).attr("checked"); // will return "checked" or false I think.
        // Do whatever request you like with the checked status
        if(checked == true) {
        /*$("input:checked").each(function() {
                getQuery = $(this).attr('name')+"="+$(this).val()+"&location_submit=Next";
                    data: getQuery,
                        //  $('body.secEmp').html(data);
        } else {
            //do something to remove the content here
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Do you use Firbug? If so, do get any error messages? If you do not use it, use it! :) –  Felix Kling Apr 12 '10 at 14:24

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You're missing the closing parantheses on the call to selected.push. It should be:


Otherwise, it looks fine.

Another, possibly simpler, way to do the same thing is to use map instead of each:

var selected = $('input:checked').map(function() {
    return $(this).attr('name')+"="+$(this).val();
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I noticed that right at the moment of posting, I notice this gives a comma seperated array, I am sending this array as a query string is there a way for me replace the comma with a & –  sea_1987 Apr 12 '10 at 14:35
@sea_1987: Use selected.join('&') –  interjay Apr 12 '10 at 14:37
@interjay: selected.join('&') shows no change, it is still comma seperated –  sea_1987 Apr 12 '10 at 14:42
join works for me. Note that it won't change the value of selected: you need to use the value that selected.join('&') returns. –  interjay Apr 12 '10 at 14:53
how should I be using, I dont really follow, I doing that method and then alerting selected and still seeing commas. –  sea_1987 Apr 12 '10 at 14:55

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