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I have read

But I am unable to get a solution for the following setup:

  • A SaaS Webapp in Rails is running under
  • All users have a sumbdomain e.g.
  • Users can create a cname forwarding eg. ->

It is all working until a user tries to log in via The SaaS app fails to set the session domain right, because it is configured static on app startup.

config.action_controller.session = {
  :session_key => '_example_session',
  :domain => "",
  :secret      => 'abc'

The Request fails with a ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken. And that is correct, because the domain changed from to

How do I change the domain config during runtime? I know that the "incoming" domain belongs to user1, so I want to do something like that in the controller:

session :domain => ''

Or can I always set the session domain on the current request domain? I know that it's possible somehow, because some apps provide that functionality.

Thanks in advance!

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Just don't set the domain, since apparently you don't need to share a session cookie across and By not specifying a domain, the default cookie behavior is just to be set for the current request domain.

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Ok, that is a working solution. A whitelisting-check before cookie creation would have been nice... Now it has to be after cookie creation. – Jesus Leier Apr 16 '10 at 10:03

:domain => :all on the cookie config may work.

For CNAME'd domains, it will be set to

For your custom subdomain, it will go to, which may or may not be good

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