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I am investigating whether to use nServicebus or a custom solution for a new project. Basically I want to create a "messaging layer" that will receive messages from various sources, process these messages and then send them off to some destination. In most cases I retrieve and send the messages. In a few cases, messages arrive via a web service. I want to know whether nServicebus is a good fit for this type of project or should I just create some generic interfaces and use a database as a queue for my messages.

One example is where I need to retrieve files via FTP, decrypt these files and then process them via a COM call (ActiveX dll). This process could fail at various points. I would like to be able to specify when a message must be re-retrieved, reprocessed or resent.

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Sounds to me like NSB could be a good fit for you. NSB has WCF support out of the box so having messages arrive through web-service calls should be very easy.

An example of this can be found in the WcfIntegration sample that is included in the NSB download.

Regarding the your ftp example I suggest that you look at the saga feature of NSB to help you control the message flow and rules for retries etc etc

NSB has builtin support for automatic retries as well.

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