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i saw this post today: i need to see the contents of a dictonary but i only know the "key" there a way i can spit out the details like a print_r in php? po gives me the object, but i would like to go deeper

po 0x2027c0
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In the Xcode debugger, right click on the dictionary in the debugger window and select "print description to console", or in the GDB console window, type print-object myDictionary where myDictionary is a reference to the dictionary you want to print e.g.

(gdb) print-object myDictionary
    bar = foo;
    biz = baz;
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I don't know about mono, but when I, some time ago, took a look at Quake3 (written in C) in GDB, I had to do this

(gdb) print pak_checksums@9

To print out

static const unsigned pak_checksums[] = 

And the result was:

    $1 = {1566731103, 298122907, 412165236, -1303471980, 1197932710, -207895723, 
      -585902437, 908855077, 977125798}

[Real checksums changed for this example ;-)) ]

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