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Here is what I want to do:

I have some json like this

  var foo = {

and I awant to put that in a url like this


which I will then put into ajax call but everything I have tried results in error 501 BAD URI could someone tell me how to do this

I've tried this EDIT:

after looking again and alerting the results of this function it IS build the results correcty they just arrn't being used propler either by ajax or the browser

 function js_array_to_php_array(a) {
  var a_php = "";
  var total = 3;

  for (var key in a){
   a_php = a_php + "s:" + String(key).length  + ":\""  + String(key) + "\";s:" + String(a[key]).length  +  ":\"" + String(a[key])  + "\";";
  a_php = "a:" + total +":{" + a_php + "}";
  return a_php;

when I use http fox it get this back;s:4:%22json%22;s:4:%22type%22;s:4:%test%22;s:2:%22id%22;s:5:%2226443%22;}

which i find odd because it ecodes everything but the last curly bracket

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I had trouble in the past with URLs like /a: on a Windows machine running apache. After a little research, it appeared that this was due to an old directory traversal attack -- apache was suspicious that the URL represented an attempt to access the A: drive directly. – Frank Farmer Apr 12 '10 at 15:07
@frank thats interesting but I don't think thats the problem I put the url I show in my browser and it works as expect I just can't seem to generate the url properly – mcgrailm Apr 12 '10 at 15:10

Why not just use a "normal" query string?

$type = $_GET['type'];
$id   = $_GET['id'];

Unless I am missing something?

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because this is what the url expects to see – mcgrailm Apr 12 '10 at 14:45

There is a jQuery function for this already! Use it and love it.

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it doesn't look like this does exactly what I want could I keeps getting the word "object" in the string – mcgrailm Apr 12 '10 at 15:07
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so as it turns out there is nothing wrong with the function js_array_to_php_array it did exactly as I needed it to the problem was that I needed to use JSONP instead of JSON when running my ajax call as I was going cross domain which also explains why the code worked in the url but not when I ran ajax

thank you all for your help

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501 is right — that's not a valid URL. URLs definitely can't have quotes in them, or (for most part) curly brackets.

If you really have to submit a PHP literal structure in a URL without doing it as normal set of query parameters, you would have to URL-encode the invalid characters, which you can do like:

url= ''+encodeURI(js_array_to_php_array(foo));

resulting in:;s:4:%22json%22;s:4:%22type%22;s:5:%22test%22;s:2:%22id%22;s:5:%2226443%22;%7D

incidentally this:


is superfluous: object keys are always strings in JS, even if you put them in as numbers;

"\""  + String(a[key]) + "\""

is going to go wrong if the value can contain a quote or backslash, and


there should surely be an increment here?

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On the PHP end, you could use urlencode(json_encode($obj)) to convert an object to a string that can be used in a URL.

After I posted this, I realized you're trying to convert a JavaScript variable to a URL string after I saw var foo = {. Duh.

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that's in php. I need in javascript / jquery a php array put in url – mcgrailm Apr 12 '10 at 15:46

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