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After "checkin" of a .docx file to SharePoint and editing it the RevNum property is set to 2.

This does not make sense, can someone please explain why this is?


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As I understand it, revision 1 for the initial creation and revision 2 from the edit.

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You could change the Document Version History by going to the Document Library Settings->Version Settings and selecting one of the following options

  • No versioning
  • Create major versions
  • Create major and minor (draft) versions
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Thank you for your answers! It seems that I asked my question not accurate enough.

The problem is, that the RevNum is set back to 2 even it was higher before:

  1. .docx has RevNum 31
  2. check out the document
  3. change the document (RevNum 32)
  4. change again (RevNum 33) ...
  5. check into SharePoint
  6. RevNum 2

I mean the RevNum "property" of Word, not SharePoint. A Revision number should be unique and incremented after each change.

I assume that the following happens:

When check-in happens the document is re-created (copied from local drafts folder to server location) and therefore the RevNum starts with 1, changes (?) and RevNum 2 ... Maybe it is a bug in SharePoint. "RevNum back to 2" only occurs when check in/out is used. When editing it "normaly" it increases the RevNum correctly.

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Did you ever get a good answer on this question? It seems to be intermittant for me. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time it reset's the RevNum. I've tryed to not use a local copy as well but the problem remains. – Gineer Sep 8 '09 at 8:39

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