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Is anyone aware of a way of sftp'ing from Unix to Windows

Thanks Damien

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Are you asking if there are any SFTP servers that run on windows or are there any unix clients or both? –  sblundy Nov 4 '08 at 16:44

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You setup a server with, for instance freeSSHd. Then you can use the regular unix client that comes with OpenSSH, which is a bit on the no feature side of the spectrum, or choose among many of the other SFTP supporting unix clients.

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Thanks Vinko. I have installed freeSSHd on my windows machine. Now if i try to do a sftp from my linux box , i get the password prompt . As im trying to file transfer by calling a script , how to get rid of the pass word prompt ? –  m4n07 Jan 25 '13 at 10:53
learn about using keys on SSH –  Vinko Vrsalovic Jan 25 '13 at 12:11
Can you help me with this , stackoverflow.com/questions/14534690/… –  m4n07 Jan 26 '13 at 7:35

If you just want a Windows client, I'd recommend WinSCP.

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I believe he wants to connect TO windows not FROM it. –  Zoredache Dec 20 '08 at 9:16
@Zoredache: Yes, that's true. But the overall goal is to transfer files from the Unix box to the Windows. And since it is far easier to get sshd running on a Unix box, an easier alternative would be simply to use a tool like WinSCP on Windows to fetch the files from Unix. –  ayaz Dec 20 '08 at 9:29

From a similar question just asked, I saw this mentioned: http://www.freesshd.com. That could allow you to sftp from *nix to Windows.

PSFTP from the PuTTY team works ok for grabbing files while on Windows.

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You can install OpenSSH for windows. It is a cygwin thing and is a little bit tricky to set up on windows box, but it worked for me.

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Take a look at CompleteFTP, which is an fast, compact SFTP server for all Windows platforms.

You can use OpenSSH on Unix to SFTP to CompleteFTP running on Windows.

Disclosure: I'm one of the developers of CompleteFTP.

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In our company, we use completeFTP. The first reason is that the user accounts can rely on the Windows Authentication. For us this has 2 advantages : 1- you can refine the NTFS access rights using windows's own security features.. even more precisely than what you can do in unix 2- you can create (S)FTP accounts without touching at the completeFTP configuration... which was convenient because we already had scripts to confgure Windows accounts.. –  Myobis May 23 '12 at 10:28

Wikipedia has a large list of sftp servers many can run on windows. Some are more difficult to setup and some are non free. I have used openssh under cygwin and freesshd.

If you are looking for a GUI sftp client that works on Linux you probably are looking for FileZilla or gftp-gtk.

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Are you looking for a ready SSH server on windows or you are going to create one? If you need to create a server, then take a look at SSHBlackbox package of SecureBlackbox (our product). It provides powerful components to build a full-scale SSH and SFTP server.

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