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How can I have tinyMCE editor with the Nat skin in twiki. I mean when I say skin = nat in the twiki preferences my editor automatically changes to nateditor. though i want tinyMCE as the editor. How can I have nat as the skin but tinyMCE as the editor.

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Try upgrading from twiki to Foswiki. This has long been solved on NatSkin and NatEditPlugin.

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can't i do the same in TWiki. I mean there is no obvious path of migration to foswiki. It needs a lot of shifting... of content, structure and themeing. – Abhishek Gupta Apr 14 '10 at 4:51
Unfortunately this code isn't maintained on TWiki and has advanded a lot on Foswiki the recent 1.5 years since the fork. Please have a look at foswiki.org/System/UpgradeGuide to get some sense on how much effort it is. There's also a TWikiCompatibilityPlugin to mitigate the process. All TWiki plugins have been ported to Foswiki. See foswiki.org/Development/StatusOfPortingExtensionsToFoswiki. Lots of new plugins have been created for Foswiki only. Motorola, Yahoo and many more already upgraded their major wiki installations to Foswiki. So you won't regret it :) – user315464 Apr 14 '10 at 8:48

shifting from twiki to foswiki doesn't require allot of shifting - its pretty much the same amount of work as migrating from twiki 4.2 to twiki 5.0 - but with more bug fixes (in foswiki) :)

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i tried doing that and was stuck at LDAP plugin. I am not able to configure it for the foswiki.. Even for the twiki.. it was compatible with older versions of twiki.. and not compatible with d newer ones... – Abhishek Gupta Jun 12 '10 at 10:40

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