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I have a wordpress script, wp-supercache, that I need to disable (as its cached on a nasty error), however, the error is causing the wp-admin redirect to fail, which means I can't get into the site to disable the plugin.

Any advice? I can access the database via cpanel.

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Try deleting the folder of the plugin and then see if error is gone (make backup first of course.). If that does not help, here is the solution then.

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You only need to rename the folder in /wp-content/plugins/ and the plugin will be automatically de-activated. Once it is de-activated, you will be able to login.

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This worked fine for me..i installed captcha plugin and could not get into admin area...I just went to file manager and renamed the plugin folder name...And the plugin got deactivated –  AutoMEta Jun 23 '13 at 18:23
This will work in most scenarios however, sometimes a plugin will make changes that only get rolled back when uninstalling via the UI.. ie using the register_uninstall_hook. –  Steven de Salas Oct 28 '13 at 3:58
@StevendeSalas: The question was about how to disable a plugin that broke the admin UI. If they are not able to log into the UI, they will not be able to use it to uninstall the plugin. –  user183037 Oct 29 '13 at 4:11
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To disable all Wordpress plugins on your site:

  1. Login to your database management tool (e.g. PHPMyAdmin)
  2. Execute the following query:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'active_plugins';

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To disable a specific plugin, you have to remove it from the serialized string that stores the list of all plugins - that's set in the option_value column of the wp_options table as discussed by @TimDurden. The specific format change you have to make is, taken shamelessly from teh Internet:


That first set of characters - a:4 - designates an array and its length. Decrement it. Remove the specific plugin you want to disable. Update the value in the db

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