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I am trying to use rspec on my rails application

I run "spec path/to/spec/spec.rb" and it appears to do nothing and returns nothing. I receive no error

Rails Version 2.3.4 Ruby 1.8.7 Rspec 1.3.0 rspec-rails 1.3.2

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I'm still getting nothing when running "spec spec/models/fee_spec.rb" or any other *_spec.rb It works fine for my co-worker on his mac Here is the file fee_spec.rb

*File.dirname(FILE) + '/../spec_helper'

describe Fee do

it "should be valid" do

Fee.new.should be_valid



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Can you try spec -b path/to/spec/spec.rb for full backtrace? –  TK. Apr 12 '10 at 19:44
I gave that a try. It is still just returning without doing anything. –  Nicolo77 Apr 12 '10 at 20:11
post the contents of spec.rb –  zetetic Apr 13 '10 at 1:24

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I was able to find an answer.
There was a problem with test-unit gem that I installed. I had version 2.0.7 which caused the issue. Downgrading this to test-unit 1.2.3 fixed the issue.

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