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I've searched many sites without success. I'm using XAMPP 1.7.3a on Ubuntu 9.1.

I have used the methods found at http://www.webcheatsheet.com/PHP/connect_mssql_database.php, they all fail. I am able to "connect" with a linked database through MS Access, however, that is not an acceptable solution as not all users will have Access.

The first method (at webcheatsheet) uses mssql_connect, et.al. but I get this error from the mssql_connect() call:

Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: [my server] in [my code]

[my server] is the server address, I have used both the host name and the IP address.
[my code] is a reference to the file and line number in my .php file.

Is there a log file somewhere that would have more information about the failure, both on my machine and SQL Server? We do not have a bona-fide DBA, so I will need specific information to pass on if the issue seems to be on the server side.

All assistance is appreciated, including RTFM when the location of the M is provided! Thanks

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Are you sure you are running a MS SQL server? As far as I am aware, the XAMPP packages comes with a MySQL server. Try and use mysqli_connect() with the same parameters.

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Can you show us how you used mssql_connect?

Btw, I would use the PHP driver offered by Microsoft to allow PHP to connect Microsoft SQL Server.

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Sorry for the vague question, I'll add some detail...

The "application" I am building uses a custom database that I have written using the MySQL server that comes packaged with XAMPP; this runs on Ubuntu.

There is a corporate database which contains information that I need and it is on a different server, and I have been told that is an MS SQL server.

Since posting the original question, I have tried using the odbc "family" of calls, only to be told the functions, such as odbc_connect(), are not found, but the odbc.php file exists along with the others in the DB directory.

Abs - if you follow the cheatsheet link in the original message and look at the first code sample, you will see how I am trying to use mssql_connect, using my own local values for the variables. The code sequence is virtually identical to that which I use with mysql_connect, which does work.

I confess that I am new to the PHP world, but had fairly good success up to trying to access the remote database. Again, I appreciate all help.

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After wiresharking the network connection, I find that PHP is trying to connect to the SQL Server on port 4000 instead of 1433.

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