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How do I convert from unicode to single byte in C#?

This does not work:

int level =1;
string argument;
// and then argument is assigned

if (argument[2] == Convert.ToChar(level))
    // does not work

And this:

char test1 = argument[2];
char test2 = Convert.ToChar(level);

produces funky results. test1 can be: 49 '1' while test2 will be 1 ''

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Do you want level to be converted to the char '1' , or a char with value 1 ? That's the same difference as in doing char c = '1' and char c = 1 – leeeroy Apr 12 '10 at 20:23
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Use UnicodeEncoding.GetBytes().

UnicodeEncoding unicode = new UnicodeEncoding();
Byte[] encodedBytes = unicode.GetBytes(unicodeString);
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How do I convert from unicode to single byte in C#?

This question makes no sense, and the sample code just makes things worse.

Unicode is a mapping from characters to code points. The code points are numbered from 0x0 to 0x10FFFF, which is far more values than can be stored in a single byte.

And the sample code has an int, a string, and a char. There are no bytes anywhere.

What are you really trying to do?

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char and string are always Unicode in .NET. You can't do it the way you're trying.

In fact, what are you trying to accomplish?

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If you want to test whether the int level matches the char argument[2] then use

  if (argument[2] == Convert.ToChar(level + (int)'0'))
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