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i have part of Asp.NET 1.1 project.

I work with remote site, which works incorrect in some cases - sometimes it write incorrect Content-Encoding header.

In my code i get HttpResponse from this remote site. And if Content-Encoding header is equals, for example, "gzip", i need to set Content-Encoding header to "deflate".

But there is no properties or methods in HttpResponse class to get Content-Encoding header.

Content-Encoding property returns, in my case, "UTF-8". In Watch window i see _customProperties field, which contain wrong string value. How can i change header value with Asp.NET 1.1?

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You do know that .NET 4.0 shipped today, right? –  John Saunders Apr 12 '10 at 20:23
Yes, of course! There is part of code of old big project and we maintain it. –  Vlad Tsepelev Apr 12 '10 at 20:29
Maybe it possible, to change this value with reflection? –  Vlad Tsepelev Apr 13 '10 at 7:05

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There is no way to change custom headers in Asp.NET 1.1.

I solve problem only using reflection.

// first of all we need get type ArrayList with custom headers:
Type responseType = Response.GetType();
ArrayList fieldCustomHeaders = ArrayList)responseType.InvokeMember("_customHeaders",BindingFlags.GetField|BindingFlags.Instance|BindingFlags.NonPublic, null, Response,null);

// next we go thru all elements of list and search our header
for(int i=0; i < fieldCustomHeaders.Count; i++)
    // see all headers
    PropertyInfo propHeaderName = fieldCustomHeaders[i].GetType().GetProperty("Name", BindingFlags.Instance|BindingFlags.NonPublic); 

    String headerName = (String)propHeaderName.GetValue(fieldCustomHeaders[i], null);

    // if we find needed header
    if(headerName == "Content-Encoding")
        // get value of header from its field
        FieldInfo fieldHeaderValue = _fieldCustomHeaders[i].GetType().GetField("_value", BindingFlags.Instance|BindingFlags.NonPublic); 

        String headerValue = (String)fieldHeaderValue.GetValue(fieldCustomHeaders[i]);

        // if we find needed value 
        if (headerValue == "gzip")
            // just set new value to it
            fieldHeaderValue.SetValue(_fieldCustomHeaders[i], "deflate");   
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