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Ive noticed that the time in my emulator for android projects is wrong. Its one hour behind. How do I go about changing the time and can I do it in eclipse?


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Run>Debug Configurations/Run Configurations

Tab Target> Additional Emulator Command Line Options

-timezone America/New_York

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Thank you for showing how to do it from Eclipse. – Miserable Variable May 16 '12 at 17:58

use this command

C:\> adb shell

#date –- 2009-10-01 14:24:59


#date –s 20070325.123456
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I believe the emulator is set to the GMT timezone by default. You can specify the timezone for the emulator with the -timezone parameter.

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If you use IntelliJ you can do that from Run/Edit Configurations window. Go to Emulator tab and add this to "Additional command line options":

-timezone Europe/Helsinki

Android document gives this info:

-timezone Set the timezone for the emulated device to , instead of the host's timezone. must be specified in zoneinfo format. For example: "America/Los_Angeles" "Europe/Paris"

Zoneinfo format is also known as tz database. So to find you specific timezone, you can use the Wikipedia list here:

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I have searched extensively, and it seems like the only option is to turn off the Auto-Set time in the emulator phone prefs, and manually set the timezone. I can't find any place to set emulator options from inside Eclipse/AVD Manager.

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refer to this page
in the comment part.

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The comments part is for actual Android app code, not for the emulator. – Kurt Wagner Jul 16 '14 at 20:19

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