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I have a project in C# and I get this error every time I try to compile the project:

(Unable to copy file "obj\Debug\Project1.exe" to "bin\Debug\Project1.exe". The process cannot access the file 'bin\Debug\Project1.exe' because it is being used by another process.) I have to close the process from the task manager. my project is only one form and there is no multi-threading.

what is the solution (without restarting VS or Killing the process)?

enter image description here

this is the error code we have how can we solve this problem?

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The Tao Framework wraps a bunch of different stuff, any of which might be causing this problem. Which part of the framework are you using? Also, if you could produce a small sample app which demonstrates this problem and post it, it would help debug it. – MusiGenesis Apr 12 '10 at 20:59
possible duplicate of Visual Studio "Could not copy" .... during build – Peter O. Jul 1 '15 at 2:39

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@Udpate: Since the time I was first posting this 'answer', I tend to another explanation to the problem. The issue since than happened more and more often outside of Visual Studio also - while trying to copy an .exe file from one folder to another. While in the first place Windows did not allow to copy(!) an .exe file (it was first asking me for administrative rights but refused to copy it afterwards anyway) it still showed up in the explorer. But after a while - without any further action taken, it disappeared magically. Just like the problem in the question always seems to solve itself after a while. So i assume, the problem is more related to a delayed deletion of the project output file and less a buggy VS. I apologize for any unjustified suspicion. :|

This gives the search for a solution a complete different direction, I guess. Did find that link and will update on any progress:


This is a known bug in VS. I discovered it very often - mostly in VS2010 (with/without SP1). Several "solutions" are recommended. Some of them, which kind of helped for me:

  1. Delete the .suo file in your project dir. Eventually need to create your whole solution from scratch.
  2. Close any Windows Form Designers may remain open.
  3. Use a prebuild script, which deletes the target from the output dir.
  4. Disable the VS hosting process.

None of these really fixes the bug. But it may brings the VS back to a usable state - until a true solution is provided by MS (if ever will).

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I've had a lot of issues with VS2010... The OP didn't specify which version was being used. Given that, the real solution may be unknown without context... although the user accepted my answer, so I assume that solved the problem. I could be wrong. Regardless, interesting reading at those links. +1 – Jon Seigel Feb 9 '11 at 1:46
yet another interesting thread at SO regarding that topic:… – user492238 Feb 9 '11 at 11:22
deleting the .suo file for me was necessary – Tim Partridge Nov 20 '13 at 22:20
Just closing the form designer I had open was enough for me. – John Jun 26 '15 at 15:28
Disabling VS Hosting process does the trick! – dasblinkenlight Sep 24 '15 at 15:15

I can confirm this bug exists in VS 2012 Update 2 also.

My work-around is to:

  1. Clean Solution (and do nothing else)
  2. Close all open documents/files in the solution
  3. Exit VS 2012
  4. Run VS 2012
  5. Build Solution

I don't know if this is relevant or not, but my project uses "Linked" in class files from other projects - it's a Silverlight 5 project and the only way to share a class that is .NET and SL compatible is to link the files.

Something to consider ... look for linked files across projects in a single solution.

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Perfect! .. Worked for me. – Sana.91 Jun 9 '14 at 9:56
I had the problem with the FilePicker sample for Windows and Windows Phone. This solution solved the problem. – Lukasz P. Apr 12 '15 at 15:27

If you look in the obj directory, and you don't see your .exe, it's possible that Avast! or other antivirus is deleting it. I would actually see the .exe show up and then disappear. As soon as I turned off Avast!, problem solved.

VS2010 throwing "Could not copy the file "obj\x86\Debug\[file].exe" because it was not found."

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Thanks that was it for me. Jeez... restarting the pc and killing threads etc wasted alot of time with no results. – Dessus Jan 13 at 1:06
I had to disable Avast in order for my project to build. Strangely, Avast was only deleting one particular project output file and only when built in release mode - debug mode was fine. Very odd, very annoying. Hope this saves someone some time that I lost. – Yuck Feb 12 at 20:22
VS2015... no issues... no issues... no issues... bam! this error. Disabled Avast? Build > Run > Success... I guess fixing my program is a virus – WernerCD Feb 18 at 4:00
This solved my problem. – Dan-Levi Tømta Apr 8 at 10:13

The real problem isn't the error you're getting; it's that the application isn't cleaning up after itself.

It's either holding on to references, not freeing resources, or something else that's causing the process to not end when it's being told to close. Fix up that issue and this problem will resolve itself. We can't really help you with that unless you post your code (and at this point, if you need help with that, you should start a new question).

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I am working in Tao Framework with C# and I get this problem even with simple templets. there is nothing wrong with the code. – Mohammad AL Hammod Apr 12 '10 at 20:42
this is a known (and nasty) bug in VS. As soon as the application domain unloads, everything should be forced to unload. So this is not caused by the app, but by VS. – user492238 Feb 8 '11 at 6:14

After seeing a similar error in visual studios 2012 out of no where. I have found that that going to the root folder of the project and right clicking on it I unchecked read only and this error went away. Apparently TFS sometimes will made a folder read only. Hopefully this will help anyone with a similar issue. Thanks

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Removing the readonly flag worked for me. Thanks! – Turbo Sep 23 '15 at 1:54

This should work.

Go to your project properties. Inside Build Events, under Pre-build event command line, add these two lines of code:

if exist "$(TargetPath).locked" del "$(TargetPath).locked"
if exist "$(TargetPath)" if not exist "$(TargetPath).locked" move "$(TargetPath)" "$(TargetPath).locked"
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doesn't work :\ – Lazaro Fernandes Lima Apr 27 at 18:41

This is happening because [yourProjectName].exe process is not closing after finishing debugging.

There are two solutions to this problem.

  1. Every time you make change to application, Go to Task Manager -> Processes -> [yourProjectName].exe, end this process. You have to end this process every time you make changes to system.

  2. Add a exit button in your application to exit window and add these line to click event

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If other suggestions did not work for you the solution proposed at this URL helped me:

this question is also related to this problem: VS2012 - XDesProc hangs when Xaml file is opened

by some reason when I open XAML file and then built, XDesProc process was staying in memory while using dll file of main assembly

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I had same problem, after read your answers , went to Task Manager and searched for app.exe because i believe maybe it doesn't close .
And found it , select it and do END TASK .my problem solved.

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I had to go into windows explorer and delete the bin/debug folder as well as the obj/debug folders. Then I cleaned & rebuilt the project.

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Run Visual Studio as Administrator

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We recently experienced this on a WinPhone 8 project, in VS 2012 Update 2.

Inexplicably, the cause was using the Tuple type. Removing the code that used a Tuple the problem went away. Add the code back the problem returned.

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This will Sound crazy, when ever i build the project the error will be displayed and the avast antivirus will show it as malicious attempt and the project does not run.i just simply disable my antivirus and build my solution again the missing .EXE file has been Created and the project has been successfully executed.

Or you can try this

Visual Studio build fails: unable to copy exe-file from obj\debug to bin\debug

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I solved this by killing XDesProc which had a handle on the DLL it couldn't delete.

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Before rebuild the solution, clear the project, stop the IIS and open the "bin" folder property. Uncheck the Read-only Attribute in general tab then rebuild.

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Well i have the same problem, my way to fix it was to stop and disable the "application experience" service in Windows.

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Not a direct answer to your question..

One scenario when this can come is listed below -

If your application is under Debugging process - say by "Attach to Process" debugging, this error may come

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I found that ending all msbuild.exe tasks (in Task Manager) fixed the issue with VS2012.

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This happened to me at VS 2010 and Win 7.. Case :

  • I can not Rebuild with Debug Configuration manager, but I can rebuild with Release Configuration manager


What I have tried:

  • Check my account type at control panel - user account --> My Account is Administrator


  • Set the bin folder not read only

not read only

  • Add security at bin folder to Everyone


  • stop the iis server

iis stop

  • Stop antivirus, check ridiculous running program using task manager and ProcessExplorer

  • run VS as administrator

If All that way is still not working.

Then, the last way to try:

  • close solution
  • close visual studio
  • start - shutdown
  • press power button to turn on the computer
  • login to your account which has administrator previlege at user type
  • reopen solution
  • rebuild
  • that way working. All people call this way as Reset Computer
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If this error was encountered, you can proceed as the following

  1. End the msbuild.exe task
  2. End the explorer.exe task
  3. Run the explorer.exe task again
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for me it was the antivirus. Just add visual studio project or entire parent folder to Antivirus exclusion list or you can also add file extension as exclusion and this method worked for me in visual studio 2010/2012

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  1. Close your project
  2. Delete bin folder

i find it work, :)

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