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I have my web server setup to use windows authentication.

It is authenticating just fine with my current logged in user.

I can verify this by viewing ...


And I can verify that I am authenticated by viewing...


However, when I call the .IsInRole function I get the trust relationship error...


I have found online references to problems with supplying domain name with the role name (domain\accounting), but I still get the same error. Any suggestions on where to look or troubleshoot the problem?

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Well, it seems that if you are referencing a Role that doesn't exist then you get the trusted domain error.

The error went away and the code functioned just fine when I changed from ...


to the actual group name ...

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I'm running into this problem as well. Did you actually have multiple domains/forests with (or without) trust between them? – JoeBrockhaus Mar 19 '14 at 19:24
I had this issue when running two load-balanced servers in the same domain - one could handle a non-existent group, the other couldn't! Never worked out why... – Jonathan Sayce Dec 9 '14 at 16:20

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