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We use a bunch of specific apps/APIs that (unfortunately) differ quite a bit from dev to staging/production. We use tests and continuous integration at each stage, but in dev, the tests fail annoyingly (throwing dialogs, etc - thanks Windows for the 64-bit notification!). I hate to write custom code, but are there some best practices for how to allow a subset of testing in ruby/rails - or for patching out specific tests when you're running on Windows?

Some specific situations that:

  • Identify.exe does not support 64-bit Windows and throws a dialog.
  • Sethostname is not supported, and throws an error (at least it's command line).
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Is your dev environment different from staging or production, in terms of the operating system, o/s version, database type / version or anything else ? Just wondering why you only get these problems in dev. –  gareth_bowles Apr 13 '10 at 2:18

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You can mock out the code to decouple the dependency on the other apps. Use Mocha to create the mocks dynamically.

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