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I would like to have the following:

Is this possible? I know I could just make /app1 be handled by app1, but then the redirects and everything wouldn't work unless I explicitly used redirect('/app1') instead of the current redirect('/').

Is there a way I can just upload my current apps (app1, app2, etc.) to the root site and have them work regularly?

Thanks in advance

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You can only have one application per site. This means you'll need:
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This seems to suggest otherwise: – awegawef Apr 13 '10 at 0:54
Hm, ok. Thanks. – awegawef Apr 13 '10 at 1:05

You can register one App Engine application ID and have each subdirectory do different things. For example, have all URLs under /app1 do one thing, and all URLs under /app2 do another thing.

However, they'll have to be deployed together, and will eat away at the same quota. They will, in fact, be one application, with URLs that do two completely different things.

Otherwise, what Taylor says is correct, you can only have separate subdomains (either on or as subdomains on your own domain)

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You can't have multiple apps on a domain without a reverse proxy - but you can have multiple 'subapps' - just configure each one independently using app.yaml / web.xml. They'll share the same datastore and memcache, but otherwise can be treated as separate components.

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