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I'm editing someone else's code that uses Windows Forms:

SaveFileDialog saveFileDialog1 = new SaveFileDialog();
saveFileDialog1.InitialDirectory = LevelEditorConstants.PATH_TO_DATA_DIR;

Somehow, the directory that opens is totally different than the constant value that is assigned to it. How else can this value be set? A text search for a string that is part of the path that does open turns up nothing in my entire solution.

UPDATE: After attempting to save a file in the correct location (navigating there manually), and having it throw an exception for unrelated reasons, the problem is solved. I have no idea why.

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SaveFileDialog and OpenFileDialog always uses last saved/opened folder. Had the same issue, not sure where it remembers/stores it, might be in the registry (like last opened documents in MS Word).

If you try it on a new session/user, it works fine.

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