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I have an piece of html in a jquery object. When I say $(this).html() I get:

<span class="value">4</span><span class="type">teaspoons</span>butter

I want to get only the piece of text from this html segment that is not in the spans. in this example, it is butter.

How do I get that?


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There's the easy but cheating way, drop all the children and get the text property

var tmp = $(".post-text").clone();

EDIT There is also a Text Children plugin that does this.

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This example uses .contents() to get all the children nodes (including text nodes), then uses .map() to turn each child node into a string based on the nodeType. If the node is a text node (i.e. text not within the spans), we return its nodeValue.

This returns a jQuery set containing strings, so we call .get() to get a 'standard' array object that we can call .join() on.

// our 'div' that contains your code:
var $html = $('<div><span class="value">4</span><span class="type">teaspoons</span>butter</div>');

// Map the contents() into strings
$html.contents().map(function() { 
  // if the node is a textNode, use its nodeValue, otherwise empty string
  return this.nodeType == 3 ? this.nodeValue : ''; 
  // get the array, and join it together:

// "butter"

If you need to do this a lot, you could make a quick plugin:

$.fn.directText = function() {
   return this.contents().map(function() {
     return this.nodeType == 3 ? this.nodeValue : '';

Or a slightly more robust version that supports stripping whitespace / changing the text that it joins the resulting array with:

$.fn.directText = function(settings) {
   settings = $.extend({},$.fn.directText.defaults, settings);
   return this.contents().map(function() {
     if (this.nodeType != 3) return undefined; // remove non-text nodes
     var value = this.nodeValue;
     if (settings.trim) value = $.trim(value);
     if (!value.length) return undefined; // remove zero-length text nodes
     return value;

$.fn.directText.defaults = {
   trim: true,
   joinText: ''
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var textvalues = $(this).contents().map(function() {
  return this.nodeType === 3 ? this.nodeValue : null;
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Not really, you can use .contents() :) – gnarf Jun 9 '10 at 7:32
Changed up on @gnarf's pointer at the contents function. – wombleton Jun 10 '10 at 2:03

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