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We have a main web application that references several other projects. Do you check-in .csproj/.sln files into source control? If so, do you use these files for msbuild or do you just include *.cs to build your dll? Does ILMerge help in any way with performance?

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Looking for some best practices. – Srikar Doddi Apr 13 '10 at 4:09
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You should aim to check in everything that is needed so that someone can take a fresh install of Visual Studio, do a checkout, double-click the .sln file, build and be on their way.

.sln and .csproj are a no-brainer, in my opinion: what happens if you add a new file to the project: everybody would have to manually add the file to their project files if you didn't commit the .csproj file.

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  • ILMerge - no. Not for web applications. Not for the rest either.

  • Checkin? What about letting visual studio handle it. Now, in general - source control without all relevant files is garbage ;) So, it should include stuff like the project and solution.

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