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How can I pass the Parameter to a function. for example

 public void GridViewColumns(params ClassName[] pinputparamter)

and Class is as given below

public Class ClassName
     public string Name{get;set;}
     public int RecordID{get;set;}

can anyone has idea?

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Please precise what you are trying to do. What is wrong with this example (despite the "Class" keyword instead of "class") ? – Aurélien Ribon Apr 13 '10 at 7:08
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params means that the method can accept any number of parameters of type ClassName. Example of calling it with two instances of ClassName:

GridViewColumns(new ClassName(), new ClassName());


ClassName a = new ClassName();
ClassName b = new ClassName();
ClassName c = new ClassName();
GridViewColumns(a, b, c);
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Also you can pass instances of ClassName as Array:

ClassName[] arr = new ClassName[]{new ClassName(), new ClassName()};

More details here.

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First thing first, you have to create an object of the class in your main().

ClassName myObject = new ClassName();

then you can pass it as a parameter in your function.


Hope this helps..

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