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i have one problem when i sort the NSMutablearray using date and time wise.

Does anyone have idea how can i sorted array date and time wise

Thanks in advance

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The NSArray/NSMutableArray classes contain a method...

- (void)sortUsingSelector:(SEL)comparator

Which you can call passing in the following selector...


This uses the NSDate classes compare method to perform the sorting. An alternative would be to create a NSSortDescriptor object and pass it to the NSMutableArray's sortUsingDescriptors method.

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Here is the date format 04/13/2010 which get in xml file...

NSSortDescriptor *filter = [[NSSortDescriptor alloc] initWithKey:@"dateTime" ascending:FALSE];

    [appDelegate.arrayWYWOMessage sortUsingDescriptors:[NSArray arrayWithObject:filter]];

but same problem, i am not getting perfect list

can you have any sample code.

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[appDelegate.arrayWYWOMessage sortUsingSelector:@selector(compare:)]; –  mmccomb Apr 13 '10 at 15:18

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