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I am looking for sample code to implement group chat using XMPP javascript library JSJac.

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Just completed an group chat using XMPP with muckl 4.4 and OpenFire. The key issue is getting the Reverse Proxy up and running. Since JSJac uses http-bind in many cases, you have to communicate with a http-bind server. These servers are usually on a different port than your web server providing your javascript files.

This causes cross-domain violations, and it won't work. Here is a good link that talks about it:

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Assuming you already have a connection to jabber (con) here is a quick example for how to connect to a group chat.

//Set the JID with resource
//Example: my_username@my_domain/my_chat_client
var u_jid = "my_username@my_domain/my_chat_client"

//Set the Full Room ID with your username as the resource
//Example: room_name@conference.my_domain/my_username
var full_room_id = "room_name@conference.my_domain/my_username";

var joinPacket = new JSJaCPresence();

//Build item affiliation element
var inode = joinPacket.buildNode("item");

//Build X Element (with item affiliation child)
var xnode = joinPacket.buildNode("x", [inode]);
xnode.setAttribute("xmlns", "");

//Append new nodes to join packet

//Set status in room

var success = con.send(joinPacket, function(data) { console.log(data.getDoc()); });
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