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I created a subclass from UIView

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

@interface MeeSelectDropDownView : UIView {
    UILabel *mainText;
    UIImage *bgImg;
    UIImageView *bgView;
    UIImageView *originView;
    NSMutableArray *labelArray;
    int selectedItem;
    BOOL inSelectTag;
    float _defaultHeight;

@property (nonatomic , retain)  UIImage *bgImg;
@property (nonatomic , retain)  UIImageView *bgView;
@property (nonatomic , retain)  NSMutableArray *labelArray;
@property (nonatomic , retain)  UIImageView *originView;
@property (nonatomic , retain)  UILabel *mainText;
@property (nonatomic , readonly)  int selectedItem;

- (void) setViewHeight:(float)aheight;
-(void) showDropList;
-(void) hiddenDropList;
-(void) setStringByArray:(NSArray*)array;

    for(UILabel *aLabel in labelArray){
        [aLabel removeFromSuperview];

Is it possible to generate an Event from function 'hiddenLabels' to inform and do somethings



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what is your purpose...? –  mihir mehta Apr 13 '10 at 9:53

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It is totally unclear what you are trying to do.

Suggestion: you can consider either posting an NSNotification, or registering observers using KVO (Key Value Observing).

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