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i know how to make a link to my app on the appstore with this URL itms-apps:// but i don't want the user goes on the software page but directly in the update tab what is the link to do this? is there a link to update the app ?(if an update existing) thanks

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Launching App Store is explained in "QA1629: Launching the App Store from an iPhone application":

I'm not sure if it's possible to link directly to an update. I've found once an advice to replace "viewSoftware" to "viewSoftwareUpdate" on:

but since link for "phobos" is no longer used it might not work any more.

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viewSoftwareUpdate works ! thanks – thierry Apr 13 '10 at 12:09
So, you can mark the question as answered :-) – Daniel Bauke Apr 13 '10 at 13:26

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