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I want a dictionary containing the names and text of all controls. Is it possible with predefined framework methods/LINQ/colection initializers or do I have to make a loop and add all entries by myself?

This gives me an error message:

List<Control> controls;
// .. initialize list ..
controls.ToDictionary((Control child,string k)=>new KeyValuePair<string,string>(child.Name, child.Text));
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What's the error message? – Marcelo Cantos Apr 13 '10 at 11:12
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The call should be like this:

    c => c.Name,       // Key selector
    c => c.Text);      // Element selector.
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It should probably look something like this:

controls.ToDictionary(c => c.Name, c => c.Text);
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Dictionary<String, String> myControls = ((from Control c in Controls select c).ToDictionary(c => c.Name, c => c.Text))
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