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My Company is running a lots of batch jobs to process data for partners. We used to use sql server agent to execute batch process. I found it's very difficult to get batch process information like log or status when i working on sql server's agent. So I'd like to change my company's job scheduling process to another stable solution But I dind't know which solutions to choose. I tried to find as same solution as CA Autosys. My Company use window server system. We shoud consider framework or solution should be configured using solution's api because i plan to make a asp.net web application to manage our job shceduler.

What kinds of job scheduler Framework or inexpensive solution do you suggest?

Regards, Park

PS: I think Quartz Framework has a good reputation on J2EE system. But I am not sure Quartz.NET is as good as orginal java version.

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You have a couple of options, depending on what you want to do and how you want to set it up. For example, you can install a Quartz.Net server as a standalone windows service or you can also embed it inside your web application(i use asp.net though).

Here's a link to some posts I wrote for people getting started with Quartz.Net: http://jvilalta.blogspot.com/2009/03/getting-started-with-quartznet-part-1.html

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