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Sorry for vague question title.

I've got a table containing huge list of, say, products, belonging to different categories. There's a foreign key column indicating which category that particular product belongs to. I.e. in "bananas" row category might be 3 which indicates "fruits".

Now I added additional column "order" which is for display order within that particular category. I need to do initial ordering. Since the list is big, I dont wanna change every row by hand. Is it possible to do with one or two queries? I dont care what initial order is as long as it starts with 1 and goes up.

I cant do something like SET order = id because id counts from 1 up regardless of product category and order must start anew from 1 up for every different category.

Example of what I need to achieve:

ID | product | category | Order

1 | bananas | fruits | 1

2 | chair | furniture | 1

3 | apples | fruits | 2

4 | cola | drinks | 1

5 | mango | fruits | 3

6 | pepsi | drinks | 2

(category is actually a number because it's foreign key, in example I put names just for clarification)

As you see, order numbers start anew from 1 for each different category.

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If you have primary key which may be numeric and may be starting from 1, you can just copy that to your new column? – Nitin Midha Apr 13 '10 at 11:20
as I said I can't do order = id (id being auto_increment pk) because I need every category to have it's own ordering. Or is it the wrong approach alltogether? – Sejanus Apr 13 '10 at 11:46

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Sounds like something a SQL procedure would be handy for.

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Why not just set the order to the category? That is, why not:

update Table
set SortOrder = Category;

As an aside, you cannot have a column named order -- that is a reserved word in SQL.

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In that case, every product within a category will have order set to category's number, i.e. the same, which defies the purpose. I edited original question, added an example. – Sejanus Apr 13 '10 at 12:41
I thought your original post said that everything with the same category should have the same sort order -- I guess I misunderstood. – MJB Apr 13 '10 at 13:07

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