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I could do this using loops, but is there a way to take two IEnumerables, enumerate through all possible permutations and select an object that contains the permutation? I feel like this 'should' be possible but am not really sure what operators to use.

Thanks James

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Are you talking about what is basically a cartesian join? You can do something like

var query = from item1 in enumerable1
            from item2 in enumerable2
            select new { Item1 = item1, Item2 = item2 }
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This is probably the way to go to get all permutations - just keep in mind it is O(n*m). However, if you want just a single permutations (say a random one), you are better off using ElementAt() on each list with a random index to produce that permutations. – LBushkin Apr 13 '10 at 13:12

Anthony's answer is correct. The extension method equivalent is:

var query = enumerable1.SelectMany(
                x => enumerable2,
                (item1, item2) => new { Item1 = item1, Item2 = item2 }


var query = enumerable1.SelectMany(
                item1 => enumerable2.Select(item2 => 
                    new { Item1 = item1, Item2 = item2 });
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